Our Daily Bread

Even when the darkness of my world and my own fears try to pull me down, Psalm 27 assures me that you, God, are my light when I feel alone. I know you are there . . . waiting. And all I have to do is ask. So, bring the light and chase away my darkness just as the sun removes the shadows of the night.

Our plan is not always God’s plan. He may ask us to walk a path that we wouldn’t willingly choose. But we know that His ways are the right ways. And even if we walk through darkness and uncertainty, He makes our steps light because He is our strength.

It starts as broken glass. Ruined. Thrown away. But then something amazing happens. Over time, the useless shards are rolled and tumbled until something beautiful is created. It’s just like how God takes our broken pieces and crafts beauty.

A rough childhood which included repeated abuse at the hands of religious leaders made Vic Mitchell a very confused and angry person. When he went into the service after high school and they asked him what he wanted to be, he replied, “I want to become the meanest man possible.” He hung out with the wrong crowd and took pleasure in beating people up. But one Sunday everything changed. His girlfriend’s mother dragged him to church, and for the first time he experienced the grace and mercy only God can give.

“God does whatever it takes to get your attention.” For Jon, it was a huge collision he thought would take his life. But he was given a second chance. And although he was a pastor who preached and taught, he had been too comfortable. The accident brought about a new clarity—a refocus—to passionately pursue Jesus and make Him known.

God formed the earth, created everything in it, and knows every detail of His masterpiece. He is perfect and powerful, yet He wants to know you intimately. He wants you to call on Him, and He will be your protector. Your rescuer. Your refuge.