Gifts & Support

A Secure Transaction

When you give online, by clicking the “Donate Now” button, you will be taken to our secure page to complete your donation. Your online giving is secure and strictly confidential.

Instructions for Giving

1.  Enter “Amount,” type a dollar amount (i.e. 79.25).

2. “Designate” where you are allocating funds (i.e. Tithes, General Funds, Missions” etc.)

3.  Select either “one time” or “monthly” giving from the drop down.

“one time” means a one time, non-recurring withdrawl;

“monthly” means on a specific draw date you select, each month the same amount is withdrawn from your checking or savings account on that draw date.

4. Select “draw date.”

*NOTE: Please choose a date option that is at least 5 days from your date of entry. If less than 5 days the funds will not transfer until the following month.

5. Click “Next” and enter all your secured personal information.

6. Click “Next” and review all final information (you may use “Back” to make corrections).

7. Click “Submit” and wait for confirmation. An email will also be sent to you.


For givers who want to stop or change a current monthly donation, Call  410-754-9958 or email