Bishop’s Heart



Keepin_ it RealIn our new sermon series: “Keepin’ It Real and Whole” we’re going to address many present day issues that adversely affect our marriages, our families and the invaluable treasures in our homes.

It’s my heartbeat to be as relevant and “Biblically correct” as possible – not necessarily politically correct!

I have no intention of being crass, mean or using our sacred desk as a bully pulpit.  But you should know that I firmly believe the Bible doesn’t need to be re-written, just re-read and followed.  And furthermore, under heaven’s lock and key,  your marriage, your family and future are protected by the most efficient security system available—the power of God.

We plan to talk much more about this subject every weekend May 7 – August 27.  With great hopes that you can join us for “real and whole” celebrations of faith, vision and hope, we pray God’s favor over you and yours!

– Ray