Bishop’s Heart

advent 2018Believe it or not, this season of busyness has some similarities to many years ago, when Christ was born in Bethlehem!  Really!

God was busy preparing the world for the fulfillment of His ancient prophecies.  Marvelous Light would come into the Darkness.  Mighty God would take on earthly flesh and human emotions.  Everlasting Father would occupy working and living space with mankind.  Wonderful Counselor would make known the mysteries of heaven.  And Prince of Peace would calm more than just the winds and waves.

However, the major difference between the busyness of God and ours is priority, timing, planning and activity that really matters forever!

My prayer for this Advent series: Jesus Calling is that each message will help all of us develop a deeper appreciation for the Hope, Peace, Joy and Love that although often “unseen … and behind the scenes”  — is the activity and life-changing power of God to draw us closer to Himself, His Way and His Will.

– Ray