Bishop’s Heart

The post-Easter season is always exciting to me.  Spring is in the air!  Skies are the bluest.  Birds sing harmoniously.  Why, even the hibernators start to roam about.

How do we prepare for the life-giving, ever-blooming weeks ahead?  With special days of honor for Graduates, Mothers, Fathers and the 1986th Birthday of the Church — what messages ring truer than ever?  What prophetic wave do you and I need to ride?   What sacred observances will brand forever memories in our hearts and souls?

Perhaps clear, vivid reminders of “anchors that hold” in times of trials and triumphs will help all of us?pexels-photo-811440

My foremost prayer for our new sermon series: “HOLD FAST” is that everyone who worships with us will experience the daily, life-changing power of God that draws all of us closer to Himself …. and seals our own future by a powerful faith!

– Ray