Bishop’s Heart

Can we be candid for a moment?  When consumerism infiltrates our attitude toward the local church we support, it should disturb us.  I’m quite sure it disturbs the Father, Son and Holy Ghost whom none of us can live or love without.

My innate nature (DNA) is to always improve.  And most people who grew up in a Christianized culture can look around Park Lane and see that other churches in our community have better music, trendy vibes, better coffee, more fun, higher goals, broader vision, or more polished preachers.

And whenever disappointment hunkers down, consumerism whispers: “My church is suddenly not enough.” Leaving our heart unguarded, that kind of righteous indignation can boils up inside of any of us because we believe we deserve something more … we deserve the best!  So we either “dig in with both hands and heart” to make things best … or we leave.

Honestly?  You and I deserve the best.  That’s exactly why Father God sent His only begotten Son into the world, to save the world – not condemn it.  And staying with the church through its struggles to become better — is the best place to experience and express that one-of-a-kind transformation celebration.

My foremost prayer for our new sermon series: “The Church You Need” is that everyone who worships with the Park Lane family will experience the life-changing fullness and power of God that draws us closer to His heart and His Faithfulness.

His Kingdom will come, and His Will shall be done (through us) … when our common vision, servant spirit, combined unity and lifestyle evangelism on earth passes with flying colors and leaps of faith — through the church everybody needs!

– Ray