Park Lane Church of God

Park Lane Church of God is affiliated with the Church of GodAmerica’s oldest Pentecostal movement; dating back to 1886.  With a membership well over 7.5 million, and firmly represented in more than 185 countries, the Church of God International Offices are located in Cleveland Tennessee, not far from its humble beginnings and holiness heritage in the southeastern foothills of the Appalachians.

The long-standing success of Park Lane “carrying the gospel of truth and a rich tradition of faith” is attributed to its Pentecostal heritage.  Ever since the late 1920’s tent meetings in Eldorado, MD, a store-front mission and renovated schoolhouse in Brookview, MD, seasonal tent revivals in the late 1950‘s on Morris Avenue and Greenridge Road in Federalsburg — Park Lane has retained its warm, caring and multi-ethnic vision, without subverting its holiness roots.  Gratefully the congregation has served the community from the heart of downtown Federalsburg on Park Lane since June 1955.